Spiritual Business Coach Harriette Jackson Is Opening Our Eyes To Show Us How Spiritual Wealth Is Just As Important As Financial Wealth

Spiritual Business Coach Harriette Jackson Is Opening Our Eyes To Show Us How Spiritual Wealth Is Just As Important As Financial Wealth

Harriette Jackson of “Ask Harriette” is the epitome of a serial entrepreneur. She started her first business, a music agency, at the young age of 19 and quickly climbed her way to high 6 figure success within the music industry. However, she lost everything shortly after when some of her well trusted employees planned, plotted, and succeeded in stealing her entire client list to set up a competing music school that posed as an extension of her company in order to entice clients. While this moment was one of the most difficult that Harriette has faced and left her financially, emotionally, and spiritually broke, it was also one that allowed for her spiritual awakening and allowed her to find her true purpose on this Earth.

Through her own path towards healing and spiritual growth, Harriette saw a new niche in the yoga and dance industry, which pushed her to build a second business, a dance, fitness & yoga studio, which she built from the ground up. This business not only became, and is still, very successful, but it also allowed others to see Harriette’s success. People began to ask Harriette for advice, which naturally pushed her into mentoring and coaching, as well as a new company, Ask Harriette Ltd. Harriette now serves a global clientele base of creative and spiritual freelancers, fellow entrepreneurs, and individuals on the path to self growth & spiritual ascension.

“The thing I believe makes me unique as a woman, mother, coach, and entrepreneur is my capacity to blend deeply spiritual concepts with practical business strategy to create abundance both for myself and for my clients,” states Harriette.

Her coaching company, “Ask Harriette Ltd” works through what she refers to as the 4 Pillars of Conscious Abundance – the Self, Science, Spirituality, and Strategy. Combined with Harriette’s 15 years of practical business experience and her own tumultuous spiritual journey, she is very equipped to fulfill her Soul mission: to bring the true meaning of abundance back to Earth, both spiritual wealth and financial wealth. The coaching company provides a host of self-study courses, 1:1 coaching, group coaching, and masterminds, as well as a series of free programmes and free online events throughout the year. Their signature program is called “The Money Consciousness Method: Create and Receive Abundance For Life By Changing The Way You Think About, Feel About & Attract Money.”

“For me, the true meaning of abundance is the balance of both material wealth and spiritual wealth, and the acquisition of both for everyone. Abundance means unity, oneness, and equality for ALL,” Harriette shares.

Harriette’s unique spirituality, combined with her practical business skill and experience has allowed her to stand out and move between the physical and meta-physical worlds very easily with clients. One of her main goals is to teach others how to make, manifest, and understand money. As such, her coaching goes way beyond money mindset work and deals with the brain, our beliefs, neural programming, and other energetic aspects of our brain and body. “It’s really deep work that mixes together spirituality, science and strategy,” Harriette explains.

“The coaching company in particular is close to my heart and is my biggest driver because I know first hand what it’s like to be down and out, at the place of rock bottom, and feeling like there’s no light at the end of the tunnel. I initially started the company to help people who were just like me, struggling to get ahead after suffering massive trauma. Since then I’ve gone on to help entrepreneurs who find themselves stuck in financial ceilings, or being held back by limiting beliefs they’re unaware of,” shares Harriette.

Harriette not only has a passion for coaching people on money, but also has a passion for helping others. “Seeing the transformation in people’s lives and businesses, the looks on their faces, and their heartfelt gratitude for my contribution in their lives is something money can’t buy. I would do this work even if I wasn’t paid for it,” says Harriette.

Her business has not only helped change lives, but has also provided Harriette and her family with the financial freedom that many search for. Hence, while the entrepreneurial path comes with many challenges and obstacles, it is one that is worth it, as long as you do it with a passion. This is why Harriette encourages other fellow entrepreneurs to trust themselves and invest in themselves. As the spiritual individual she is, Harriette also believes it is important to develop a daily mindset and spiritual practice that propels you forward every day.

“Commit, and recommit. You’re always worth it and you can always try again. Remember to keep choosing your big vision, your big why. Choose it again and again until choosing becomes an habitual pattern too. We forget so often that we have the power to choose again, to choose our thoughts, our beliefs, our reactions, our actions, decisions, outcomes, and subsequently our reality. The Power of the Mind is infinite. We are extremely powerful creators, and we get to choose what it is that we create,” shares Harriette.

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