Mr. Speakman Can Help Anyone Improve Their Credit Scores With Free Credit Consultations And Analysis

Mr. Speakman Can Help Anyone Improve Their Credit Scores With Free Credit Consultations And Analysis

A few decades ago, life was simpler and easier. People could live from their salary and dedicate time to their family. However with the passing of time, everything has changed. Incredible scientific and technological advances are being made that help us do more things in less time. But it is also much harder to do the things we used to do with the same amount of money.  Something similar happened to Jerry J Speakman, known as Mr. Speakman.


I am a young man raised in the country whose inspiration is to inspire young adults to be great and stay focused. Nobody is perfect nor has the perfect life; there will always be stop signs in your life, but the main object is look both ways and cross that path and continue to strive. Don’t get distracted with objects and then run the stop sign which means losing focus and causing an accident so that you are stuck fingering things out.” Mr. Speakman says.


Mr Speakeman was motivated from a very young age to fight for a better future thanks to the help of his mentors and coaches. He got his first job at the age of 10 in a barbershop then called Rileys and now called Overflo in Columbus, Georgia.


“My motivation came from when I started my first job at the age of 10 sweeping hair in our local Barbershop. It was called Rileys and is now called Overflo in Columbus, GA. This inspired me to become an entrepreneur like my mentors and coach who own the barbershop and salon. It kept me out of trouble and kept me focused on how to make money for myself instead of asking my parents for money. My inspiration was to struggle to live paycheck to paycheck without having enough for the things I want. I always had a passion to help others and influence others.” Mr. Speakman recounts.


Mr. Speakeman manages different types of businesses such as a financial education company, automotive business, computer repair company, and real estate. At his company Speakman Financial LLC, he and his team are in charge of improving people’s credit score and for that, they will do the next things free of charge: a credit consultation, in-depth credit analysis, and credit recommendations. In addition, he and his business partner Rodney Wilson/owner of Wilson Financial and Sons LLC, are a team. They aspire to share their knowledge and educate the general public.



“There is no competition, the only competition I have is myself. When you look at yourself in the mirror, you should be your only competition because we get in the way of our dreams because we listen to the outside and let that control your business. You should focus on self and ignore those outsiders. Self is the key way to overcome obstacles. I must say once I did this myself, my business was suddenly booming. The reason is that once the laziness, procrastination, and my bad habits got out the way, that’s when I started to be my own competition.” Mr. Speakman states.



Though he is a successful businessman now, Mr. Speakman has had a few obstacles in his path along the way. He had to accommodate others, including his inner circle, to make his business a success. 


“My biggest obstacle so far is having to accommodate your price to your circle. What you must do is leave them where they are at and contact strangers and network with other people.” Mr. Speakman says.



This goes into the advice that Mr. Speakman has for those hoping to start their own businesses. Every type of business, in whatever industry, requires that their owners be 100% focused and have a good mindset. This is also what Mr. Speakman advises for anyone looking to get involved in the world of entrepreneurship. 


The mindset is very, very important. Mindset is the key to having a successful business and I must say that if you are young and in tune, make sure you do what your mind is set on and don’t listen to anyone telling you that you can’t do it and you will never be great.” Many times it is not our closest circle that gives us the biggest boost in our business but it is the strangers. “Strangers will be your biggest supporters when you start a business, strangers will make you succeed before anyone in your circle does”.



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