Meet Vane Oliveira: A YouTube, Instagram And TikTok Influencer Who Wants To Teach People How To Love Themselves

Meet Vane Oliveira: A YouTube, Instagram And TikTok Influencer Who Wants To Teach People How To Love Themselves
Young people have the rest of their lives ahead of them. Many are eager to achieve a lot, while some get distracted along the way. And in today’s world, everyone’s life can be public through social media. That way, young people are growing together in a way. It is crucial that the content young people engage with on the internet is positive and helpful. That is the role that influencers play in social media; people who have large followings on platforms such as Instagram, YouTube or TikTok and share their lives with others. This is the case of Vane Oliveira, who arrived in the United States as an immigrant four years ago. Back then, she was a lot younger than she is now and while she was studying, she also took part in activities such as drinking, partying, and so on.
“When I arrived I dedicated myself to study. As a young student I let myself be carried away by many things like parties and alcohol in excess. I felt very lost, and I eventually found out I was pregnant.” Vane shares.
Even though her pregnancy was unexpected, Vane decided to keep her child. She knew being a mother could be difficult, but it would have been worse for her to not have her daughter, Julieta.
“Today I am an entrepreneur, and I am also a hard-working and lucky mom.” Vane says.
Vane is a source of inspiration for many people around her. Through her experiences, which she shares on her YouTube, Instagram and TikTok, she hopes to help people find guidance, hope and light. Besides working on creating new content on a daily basis for her social media platforms, Vane just released her own glasses collection called “Butterfly,” the art of transformation. A lot of the glass designs are already sold out!
“My glasses collection ‘Butterfly’ represents my change from girl to woman. That’s why it’s referred to as ‘the art of transformation.’” Vane explains.
Through it all–the creation of content and management of her social media as an influencer, as well as the design of clothing accessories–Vane’s motivation is her daughter Julieta.
“My daughter is the engine behind all my entrepreneurship projects and of my desire to better myself every day. I want to be able to provide her a stable and prosperous future.” Vane states.
Vane believes that if you believe in something you can create it. She thinks that mindset can play a big role in achieving goals and milestones in life.
“You must always be focused on what you want and be very clear about your ideas.” Vane adds. This can help tackle challenges that may arise in business, such as “fears, worrying about what people may say, being afraid to fail, lack of time, not being able to manage time and not being focused enough.”
For Vane herself the biggest challenge was being talked about by people. She felt vulnerable because people would talk about her and her life choices not always positively. Her mental health declined but today she is stronger than ever. This is why she has been able to grow her own business and entrepreneurship ventures. Furthermore, Vane advises others to organize everything based on priorities. In order to start a business, it is easier to have an order of things to do based on what should be done first and what should be done last.
“Fear represents a big challenge in my life, but I believe that challenges must be overcome.” Vane says. On the other hand, “success is the key to daily motivation. For me, I decided to launch my business when a year ago I received the news of my pregnancy. I wanted to work from home to be able to dedicate more time to her.”
Vane’s next projects in 2021 include continuing to help people across the world learn how to love themselves, helping single mothers who lack resources, and develop courses on how to grow social media. Her main objective has always been to help others around her.
“I don’t see people around me as competition. I see them as inspiration. I believe that every single human being in this world has their own essence that makes them unique.” Vane shares.
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