Meet the Real Estate Professionals That Make Up the Miami-Based Hottinger-Callahan Team That is Ready To Help with NY-MIA Relocation

Meet the Real Estate Professionals That Make Up the Miami-Based Hottinger-Callahan Team That is Ready To Help with NY-MIA Relocation

The Hottinger-Callahan Team are a team of real estate consultants at The Corcoran Group, the largest and top residential brokerage in New York City. The team is made up of 10 young professionals who specialize in relocation services to luxury residences in the New York and Miami, Florida area. The team includes six people working from New York City, New York, and four people working from Miami, Florida.

The team is led by two licensed associate real estate brokers, Richard Hottinger and Norma Jean Callahan. Hottinger has consistently ranked in the top 1% of real estate agents nationwide, and Callahan has had an award-winning career spanning more than two decades. The Miami Team was co-founded and led by Andy Rotondaro, who has been with Richard Hottinger since the team’s inception back in 2014.

“With a broad knowledge of all parts of residential real estate, encompassing sales and rental markets throughout New York and Florida, this ten-member team is consistently recognized for their dedication to their business and their customers. Hailing from all parts of the globe including the USA, Switzerland, Lebanon, Australia, Italy and Russia, The Hottinger-Callahan Team is uniquely skilled to serve a diverse global clientele.”

With the recent resurgence of the Miami market, the Hottinger-Callahan is well posed to help with all the relocation from New York to Miami fueling the market. The Hottinger-Callahan Miami Team is led by Andy Rotondaro, and consists of Viktoriya Ho, Andrea Arcuri and Gabriella Abdelnour. Starting in 2020, the Hottinger-Callahan Miami Team office started seeing exponential growth that has not slowed down, and continues to grow.

“I do not see the demand for Miami Real Estate slowing down anytime soon. We are currently seeing record low levels of inventory, prices are on the rise, and we have more and more clients coming to us everyday ready to embrace the Florida life-style. The market is currently being fueled almost solely by Domestic Demand largely from New York, California, and all of the Northeastern United States. As we expect international travel bans to be removed or lessened in the coming months, we are anticipating a whole new wave of pent up demand from international markets ready to get back-in on the Miami action.” Andy Rotondaro states.

The Miami-based team is made up of young professionals with a multicultural background who receive high demand for domestic volume and have seen an increase in the market in Miami and benefited from the pandemic. They are expecting another wave of international demand after COVID-19 restrictions are lifted and more people are vaccinated. The boom in South Florida is just the beginning.

“Knowledgeable, responsive, efficient and professional. Nothing but good things to say about Andy and his team.” Commented a Miami buyer.

Viktoriya Ho is a  sales associate from the Miami-based team. Her area of expertise is selling and marketing luxury oceanfront developments (and her experience includes selling The Four Seasons Surfside and Fendi Chateau), which are top commodities in Miami, Florida. Her clients consider her a reliable and responsible real estate agent.

The Miami-based team also includes sales associate Andrea Arcuri, an Italian born and raised in Milan who is fluent in English, Italian and French. His main focus is the luxury sector and has experience working for Prada and MaxMara. Hence, his extensive background in sales and capacity to relate to global clients.

Lastly, Gabriella Abdelnour is a dually licensed real estate salesperson from the New York and Miami-based team, and has experience with many cultures and languages, in particular Arabic, English and French. Her Lebanese heritage, along with the fact she was born in New York and has lived in Hong Kong, Singapore and London, help her stand out especially during aggressive negotiations.

Miami Real Estate continues to be a highly favored investment and lifestyle choice for investors and homeowners alike. The city benefits from good weather, some of the world’s best beaches, a thriving international community and culture, and tax-friendly benefits.

This is why it is so important that the Miami-based Hottinger-Callahan team at the Corcoran Group amassess a wide array of experience from four diverse professionals who are ready to provide their customers with fantastic services in the world of real estate in New York City and Miami.

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