Christina Hawatmeh Created Scopio to Bring Financial Opportunities to Underrepresented People In Art. Now, She is Also Fostering Community Around Their Work.

Christina Hawatmeh Created Scopio to Bring Financial Opportunities to Underrepresented People In Art. Now, She is Also Fostering Community Around Their Work.

Getting your content out there as a small business is crucial when it comes to getting off the ground. However, it can be hard to find the images, art, or locate artists that can help bring a vision to life. Instead of searching around aimlessly, Scopio, created by Christina Hawatmeh, makes it easy to hire the artists you need or download their work and discover fresh images, art and illustrations seamlessly.

The creator economy is booming. $104B creators generated in revenue in 2018-2020. More than 50 million people identify as “creators.” It’s become the fastest-growing type of small business. Scopio wants to help businesses reach the levels of success that other companies are achieving through their creator content.

Scopio is dedicated to helping small businesses, which in turn, helps the local economy. They have also partnered with powerful platforms like Noun Project, Shopify and Canva to bring diverse and authentic images to you wherever you are. However, Scopio is not just about helping out small businesses. They also work with traditionally underrepresented groups in the art world to get their stories and content out there. These images are consistently stuck on social media. Scopio gets the rights and distributes this work in minutes for the world to search and download.

As their creators explain, we are exposed to a very filtered version of life when we consume art. They wanted to widen that lens to show people what the other 99% of artistry looks like, so that everyone around the world can see a broader and more realistic outlook of the world.The creator economy is a new space that is growing and massive for many. 

In addition, you can look through artist biographies, their work, and much more in order to hire them for special projects or other forms of contracting which can be done within hours or days. This allows businesses to find the artist they need and support diverse artists in the process financially.

“Every person and every community has a story, and no one can tell that story more authentically than the people experiencing it. Our vision is to be the platform for every experience and identity from every corner of the planet to be represented. Our vision is to quickly and safely distribute the world’s images so they can make their place in history where they belong. Our goal is to elevate voices worldwide – access to the 99%–that has been gated out, while localizing content so the online world can reflect our world. We are supporting artists in 150 countries who get hired and paid and live their dreams,” the founders of Scopio explain.

At the crux of all of this, for Scopio, is supporting the underdog in every way possible. Within their goal of connecting Scopio and small businesses to content creators within her business, they are trying to show the power of bringing people together on a local level to create big changes and benefits for all parties involved. While supporting large businesses is an often necessary part of life, the Scopio team wants to focus on the power of keeping every visual we see relevant to us and our world.

“Supporting the underdog , and the ability to financially support more opportunities and give more financial freedom to others (whether they be artists or under-represented founders, etc) is what this is all about. Scopio is a double bottom line by paying artists in 150 countries and opening access to them to a world that was ivy gated before. To date, we have had 25k customers and 14k artists in 150 countries who contributed almost 1M images,” Scopio creators state.

For Scopio, their biggest goal to round out the year is to connect with businesses looking to support and grow their content authentically through custom work from their artists or downloading their work. To find out more about their business, you can follow them on Instagram here and check out their website here. Scopio is also publishing a book “The Year Time Stopped,” an unforgettable visual history that captures the world’s response to major events that defined 2020: the COVID pandemic and the sweeping movements for racial and social justice. Pre-order here.